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MiniBlendy™ Portable Mini Blender

MiniBlendy™ Portable Mini Blender

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Award winning design meets powerful blending. Perfect for busy lifestyles, our compact blender makes it easy to blend healthy smoothies, shakes, and snacks on-the-go.

Whether you're at work or heading to the gym or traveling, take your healthy eating habits with you using our award-winning portable mini blender.



GoBlend - BlendiGo - BlendBoss - MiniBlendz - BlendPod- SmoothieStorm

Keywords: blender, portable, mini, juice, smoothie

Target in copy, and try with pics: workers, fitness audience (weight lossers & protein eaters), travelers

Add to final pictures award badges, should be seen instantly like on the 1st pic


US raw materials, no BPA

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